How can I walk into this week with a sense of wonder, anticipation, hope, and presence?

Like when we drive by the Bay and Luke says, “Water. Drink it.” Or when we’re out in the front yard at dusk and he says, “Moon. Hold it.” Or when we’re lying on our backs in the grass at the park and we’re looking up at the sky and he stretches his little arms toward the bright blue above us and says, “Sky. Touch it.”

Yes, baby, I say to him. That is the whole of life, of a life after God and all his beauty. Drink it. Hold it. Touch it. Reach out and up and take it—the world around you—into your hands, enjoying every bit of the spacious place he has invited us into.

I want to take a cue from Luke, just two years old, who already has an appetite for beauty built right into him. Water. Moon. Sky.

In addition, I will try to remember this week that . . .

  • Tears are almost always sacred.
  • Nothing is perfectly black and white.
  • A well-lived life requires rest.
  • Love is something I can choose.
  • We all need to know we’re seen.
  • Creating heals.
  • Paying attention requires slowing down.
  • Breathing always helps.
  • Laughing gives life.
  • Inspiration is lurking.
  • Hope is not lost.

A line from How Great Thou Art keeps swimming through my head. Then sings my soul . . .

To live with a soul song. Yes! That is my desire for this week. For this day. For this moment.

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