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The brave practice of releasing hurt & receiving rest.

What happens when life begins to trip us up and failure starts creeping in? Many of us just keep on doing the same thing, hoping for different results. Some of us look for escape, to find a way out of the mess we feel that we’ve created. But neither enduring nor escaping is ultimately what we need.

Leeana Tankersley

Leeana Tankersley is a writer, mother, & storyteller.

She’s the author of four books: Begin Again (2018), Brazen (2016), Breathing Room (2014), and Found Art (2009). Leeana loves good stories, chips and salsa, and the underdog. She speaks all over the country about waking up those beautiful and sacred parts of ourselves that can go dormant. She and her family live in San Diego.

Practical Steps After Listening to Podcast Episode #2

A very tender friend/reader/listener reached out to me personally after listening to my most recent podcast episode, “Let the Dead Trees Go.” I have a deep respect and love for this person, and when she asked me to send her some practical, what-do-I-do, strategies for...

Always We Begin Again Rings

I need every possible reminder that my chances haven't run out, I'm not done for, and his mercies are new every day. You too? If so, I've got a few handmade pieces of jewelry -- tokens of truth -- that can serve as a nudge when you need it. These Always We Begin Again...

Life After Loss: You’re Still You {podcast}

Happy July! The kids and I are on a three week "West Coast Tour," as I like to call it, visiting friends and family. It's been one year, on the nose, since we moved from San Diego to Virginia, so it was time to come back and see all the beautiful faces and places we...


Read and respond to Leeana’s musings on faith, love, writing, relationships, and all things hope-filled . . .

“We all want to find our voice, feel comfortable in our own skin, and come out of hiding. Leeana is a trustworthy companion on this journey of becoming broken and beautiful.” Rebekah Lyons

Author of Freefall to Fly

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