When you’ve blown it with someone you love or with yourself . . .


When you’ve gone to absolute, unadulterated Crazy Town . . .


When you’ve become the most monster version of yourself . . .


When you are sweating, cussing, and losing your absolute mind . . .

Remember, as I shared in this video, it’s unlikely that you uniquely suck. This is pretty much what it means to be human. And as the sign above says, each day is brand new in its challenges and intricacies.

When you need to begin again but it’s almost impossible to shift the energy in your body, try these three things:

BREATHE — Breath prayers are a true miracle. I’m always selling breath prayers. You pray a phrase on the inhale and then another phrase on the exhale. This helps you connect mind, body, spirit. Life-changing. Here is one I love: God I rest (on the inhale), In your peace (on the exhale). Keep praying and breathing until you feel slightly less murderous.

REACH OUT — Don’t believe the lie that you are less loved or less lovable because you made a mistake. Isolation makes the entire situation worse and is a breeding ground for shame. Tell someone you trust the ugly truth of it all. Say, “I lost it today. Will you help me remember I’m not a total dud?!?” This kind of truth-telling can turn it all around.

TALK TO YOURSELF LIKE YOU WOULD A DEAR FRIEND — (not someone you tolerate; someone you actually love) You don’t punish, badger, or shame people you really love, people you really admire, especially when they’re hurting. How do you talk to your dearest friend when he/she is struggling? Try talking to yourself that same way. Seriously. Set a timer if you need to. Five minutes of nurturing friend-talk to myself, starting now!

Remember . . .

There’s always a hand reaching toward you. There’s always grace available. There’s always a chance to begin again.

Love upon love,



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