Reading . . . Do the Work: Overcome Resistance and Get Out of Your Own Way by Steven Pressfield. My agent read this recently (actually it was probably more like a year ago, but that’s not the point) and tweeted out some completely amazing excerpts and I put it on my reading list. Picking it up now, as I’m working on my proposal, and so appreciating Pressfield’s discussion on the Resistance we all face when we’re trying to birth something new, see something through. A must read for anyone trying to do soul work and feeling like the universe is conspiring against you. Also, just finished Lauren Winner’s Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis, which was incredibly beautiful and worthy of a post all to itself. So stay tuned for that.

Contemplating . . . our next tour. Where will we be? How will I handle getting the news? What is on the horizon for this pirate and gypsy? Praying for a non-hysterical spirit about the whole thing. Hoping, for the pirate’s sake, these prayers will be answered. Will keep you posted with any news. As of now, contemplating, waiting.

Watching . . . American Idol and feeling mostly obsessed with it. Not only is it my weekly fix of Americana but it is also just undoing to be so thoroughly entertained (with a couple of exceptions, of course). Love Josh. Missing DeAndre (wasn’t he so beautiful?). And still, LOVE JOSH. Who’s your money on?

Using . . . TRESemme dry shampoo these days with enormous gratitude to whoever thought up this genius product. I cannot wash my hair every day at this stage of life, so the dry shampoo has been salvation. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Target (oh, how I miss Target).

Eating . . . at a very fun new local find, Block 338. Not that any of you Stateside readers will probably ever get to visit it, but 338 has a beautiful garden, lanterns, and an amazing happy hour. So nice to find a place here where we can sit outside. When Steve and I have a babysitter, this is where we’ve been heading lately. Also, their charcuterie plate is one of our favorite ways to eat and has inspired us to pick up some meats, cheeses, olives, et al and enjoy our patio before the summer sizzle hits. Let’s be honest, half price prosecco is also a draw.

Loving . . . the Skinnygirl Smoothers n’ Shapers from Bethenny Frankel . . . this product in particular. So helpful after baby (and after all the dinners at 338). What I love is that it’s not too tight. Just right. FYI, I ordered a size M and it is perfect. You’re welcome.

Celebrating . . . two months with Elle and her decision, early on, to be a sleeper. A party in her honor! Also celebrating our official summit of the Mt. Everest of potty training with L&L. Whew, that was a haul!

Embracing . . . abundance. Believing God has given me enough. And also, more than enough.

Rejecting . . . the deficit mentality that keeps whispering failure in my ear.

Praying . . . for a family member who has a big set of circumstances and needs a breakthrough, a miracle. God, could you PLEASE come through? Even in your through-the-side-door kind of way? Surprise us with your answer and your plan. Amen.

What’s happening with you? Answer one of the above for yourself!

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