I hope you’ve had a chance to listen to my conversation with my dear friend, Linsey Wildey, in episode 22 of the podcast. Linsey and I have known each other since college, but as we explained in the convo, we were apparently NOT friends until much later. 😉

Linsey (www.linseywildey.com) is a gifted spiritual director, and I invited her on the show so she could explain what spiritual direction is and also provide some practices that might be helpful to you during this time of quarantine (and, of course, beyond).

As Linsey explained, most of life we are snorkeling along the surface of the water. But there are times when we are invited to explore deeper waters and we need to put on our scuba gear and dive down. A spiritual director, as she explained, is like your diving buddy – there to help you go deeper, navigate the waters, help you explore, and also witness what you discover. 

I love that analogy and have found that to be so true in my own life. So if you are feeling a nudge to investigate some of the deeper waters in your own life, a spiritual director might be a good fit for you!

In addition to discussing the role of spiritual director in a person’s life, we also talked through the simple but sustaining practices of the breath prayer and the one-word check in. As Linsey said it perfectly, these two practices do not take much time but they do take intention. I loved that. 

After we talked, Linsey sent me some additional resources for soul and spirit nourishment that she wanted me to share with you:

Pray as you Go (there is also an app) – 10-13 minutes of contemplative music and prayer passage from our Jesuit friends; also has facilitated prayer of examen.

Common Prayer (there is also an app) – Morning, Midday, and Evening Liturgical Prayers

Also, for some of you, maybe the prayers of Help, Thanks, and Wow are the words you need right now.

Lastly, here is Fitness Marshall that Lins mentioned in the episode for those who need some movement, joy and laughter!

I hope to have Linsey on again soon, as she is a deep well of insight, wisdom, and dance apps. If you need some support and have been considering a spiritual director, I highly encourage you to visit Linsey’s sight (www.linseywildey.com) and get to know her and her offerings and see if reaching out to her might be your next right step.

Love upon love,


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