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I once heard Rob Bell say that on Friday mornings he serves his kids their breakfast on the family’s nicest china. His thought was: Don’t wait for a holiday to break out your best. Don’t hesitate to make life special, through small moments that make a difference. Don’t forget that you’re somebody who deserves a little fancy now and then.

We don’t have to spend our days always bowing down to what’s practical.

I’ve been working hard this week. As a reward and as a way to honor my efforts, I’ve been eating my snacks off of my grandmother’s barely-blush Depression glass. And I feel like a queen.

Don’t wait for a holiday to make life special. Don’t wait for your birthday to do something kind and honoring for yourself. And don’t wait around for someone else to take care of you. You can take care of you in these small, deliberate ways.

Being good companions to ourselves doesn’t have to mean extreme overtures and giant gestures. Sometimes it’s just about pulling out the pretty plates.

Happy Friday!

All my love,



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