This week on the podcast I welcome back my Warrior Sister and licensed therapist, Elaine Hamilton of the Soul Care House in San Diego, for a discussion on family brands. This has actually been one of my favorite episodes to date!

If you haven’t listened to it yet, you can find Episode 23 here: {link}.

The whole story started last Easter when my extended family gathered at a cabin in the woods for some much needed regrouping. Many of us were in some form of transition, loss, or general disorientation, and it wasn’t necessarily bringing out the best in us (obviously). We were mopey and paralyzed; perhaps some of us were even slightly victim-y. But I won’t name any names.

 Trey gave us a talking to, a real down-by-20-at-the-half, talking to. And I’m telling you right now: IT WORKED.

 In the podcast, I share the details of Trey’s branding speech, which launches us into a discussion about family branding and what it looks like when we’re “on brand” and also “off brand.”

 Elaine shares three hallmarks from her family brand: 

  1. We’re doers, not talkers.
  2. Roadblocks are normal and irrelevant.
  3. Remember who you are. (Elaine’s foray into talking about the difference in parenting your children so that they will be good and parenting them so that they will be who they are – this is worth the entire podcast, if you ask me.)

 And then I share three from my family:

  1. The key’s in the freezer.
  2. Butt in the bleachers. (AKA “All in.” AKA “We made a lot of scrunchies.”)
  3. Pack mentality.

 When I listened to the playback of the conversation, I smiled through it all. My family—both my family of origin and my created family—are so very precious to me. I loved considering where I’ve come from and how that has informed where I’m going.

 Of course, some of us come from families that we do not want to emulate. OF COURSE. We want to start something different; we want to forge a new way of thinking and being and taking care of each other. We definitely cover this!  

 Our whole point is to encourage you to start a conversation about what you want your homes to be about! I SO hope this episode gets you thinking about how you might need to begin again with your own crew or how you might need to GET BACK ON BRAND (as Trey so directly instructed us). Regardless, I hope it gets you thinking about putting words around how you and your team want to show up in this world.

 The key’s in the freezer! 😉

 Love upon love,



Language in the episode is PG-13 in a couple places. (You’re welcome.) And, as always, I love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the episode, so head over to my socials if you’d like to interact on the topic. I would LOVE that!

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