Loved the time we spent with Erin Grayson this week. I wish you could meet her in person. So gentle and yet so fierce. Love.

As I reflect back on everything she shared with us, I think one of the things that stands out to me is her discussion around career, marriage, kids, and her husband’s career. Investing in a vocation and supporting your spouse while he or she does the same can be a complicated endeavor. Especially when kids enter the picture.

I loved how she said, “I never expected that our ambitions would conflict rather than complement.” Isn’t that true. You set out with nothing but support and love for the other person, but the practical realities of time-constraints, money-constraints, relocations (in Erin’s case), and the nurturing of the kids all set in, and it can be a real puzzle.

I really appreciate how Erin and Tony have approached this with a sense of mutuality, and I can see how that’s not just an ideal in their marriage but it’s playing out in reality.

When Erin talked about her brother’s death, I was struck by how much she found and saw God during that time. It’s so counterintuitive, but I’m learning that when we are at our least—when we are reduced to our sheer human need—that is when we have the opportunity to experience God most. I love how that came through in Erin’s experience . . . God showing up with her knitting needles.

Oh, and absolutely loved this too: “Faith allows me to keep moving forward in hope of ‘what can be.’”

Thank you, Erin, for giving us the gift of your journey . . . all in the midst of an international move, seminary, and settling three kids into a new place. God’s grace go before you, friend. Keep the faith!

Are you in need of faith today? Needing to believe in “what can be?” What is helping you keep the faith?

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