July 2012 marks our one year anniversary in Bahrain–now halfway through our two year tour. This fact has somewhat blindsided me. I can’t believe we’ve already been here a year. I can’t believe what we’ve come through together as a family. I can’t believe that THIS is our life . . . exotic, foreign, isolated in many ways, and filled with adventure (and all that comes with “adventure”). July 2012 also marks my first trip back to the States in one entire calendar year. As I write this, I’m in FL, enjoying some time with family. A fantastically huge gift. Will be in the States for 5 weeks total, so I’ll write more about this little mini-adventure once we’re back home in Bahrain.

For now, here are a few pictures to capture this month’s highlights . . .


Just thought you’d like to see this photo. It is a good representation of certain areas of Bahrain. IT IS GETTING SO HOT. Can you feel the heat radiating out of this picture?!?!


Have always loved chicken biryani, but for some reason have been really loving it lately. Delicious marinated chicken buried in that aromatic basmati rice. Cloves and other spices baked in. YES PLEASE.


Of course I have to show you more rugs. Loved this stack of tribals at our favorite shop. Steve and I went to an incredible rug expo and I just had to capture some of the art.


Repairing antique kilim. Amazing, right!?!?


This is in the Bahrain airport . . . the beginning of our 24 hours of travel. My AMAZING mother-in-law made the trip with me and the three kids as Steve couldn’t take off the full 5 weeks from work. Man, do I owe her just about anything she could ever want. That was a HUGE labor of love. Here’s what I’ll say about the trip: we survived. It was exhausting, but thanks to Steve Jobs and the idevices from the people at Apple, we made it. Still can’t believe we traveled 24 straight hours with two 3 year olds and a 4 month old. NUTS.


And, we now have a 5 MONTH OLD! Can hardly believe baby Elle and her grown up-ness. Her thighs are incredible. As is that darling dimple on her cheek. And that gurgling laugh. She’s all joy.


One of the best parts of being in FL is Luke’s ability to explore with his older cousin. They both share a love of all things creepy crawly. Here’s Luke’s latest capture: a tiny little lizard. ALL BOY.

IMG_0879And we just returned from a cruise on the Intercoastal. So nice to be on the boat, on the water, enjoying the breeze. Thankful for this break from the Bahrain heat, Ramadan, and a chance to be surrounded by the familiar for a time. A chance to let down a bit.

What has July brought your way? What has been your highlight of this month?

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