Saying thanks for all the women who cuddle my children, who make me melancholy mix tapes, who pray when I send out a 911 text for some help, who call me in for a consult on bathroom decor, who remind me that I say ridiculous things like “I love an October baby” and “being engaged at the holidays is magical,” who convince me and re-convince me that my words and my work matter, who entrust their secrets to me, who give me permission to take care of myself, who commission me for some personal shopping, who let me see them cry, who cosign on my crazy dreams, who take giantly inspiring risks, who ask all the hardest questions, who care for the least of these, who think of me when they’re somewhere enchanting, who notice the new drapes, who lead, who breathe, who see me.

Thankful for those who, day after day, take me by the hand and help me walk — one step at a time — into a better me.

“God makes homes for the homeless,” it says in Psalm 68:6 (The Message). Isn’t that the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever heard? Homes for the homeless. I’m convinced that one of the main ways he does it is through the shelter we find in each other. The warm, comforting glow of kindred souls.

May we offer each other a kind of welcoming presence that brings God’s very kingdom here to earth, giving and receiving “home” to each other. And may we do it in Jesus’ name. So many of you have done that and are doing that for me. What would I do without you?

How is God home-building in your life today?

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