And we’re back . . . just like that . . . well not exactly just like that . . . if I have the count right, it was 11 flights total:

Bahrain to London
London to Miami
Ft Lauderdale to Denver
Denver to San Diego
San Diego to Reno
Reno to Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City to Minneapolis
Minneapolis to Saginaw/Midland/Bay City
Saginaw/Midland/Bay City to Chicago
Chicago to Frankfurt
Frankfurt to Bahrain via Doha

As my Luke said, “Wow, Mom, traveling sure is a lot of hard work.” Exactly. But I wouldn’t change it. We lived so much life on this vacay.

I have a particular memory of a storm coming in on the lake during our week in Michigan. Once the lightening and thunder had passed, Steve felt like it would be a great idea to head out onto the lake in the whaler. In. the. driving. rain. Sure! Why not.

Of course, Luke and Lane weren’t going to be left behind. Neither was cousin Fynn. So Steve and I hoisted the kids up and waded out to the boat, threw the kids in, and jumped aboard.

We raced around that lake with the rain hitting our faces like little bits of gravel. You know that feeling? And we were all just completely soaked . . . despite a few pieces of tried and true REI gear. I clutched both my kids on my lap – one on each knee – proud of their adventurous spirit. Steve skimmed us over the water and we screamed and pulled our hoods down as best we could.

Full-tilt life. A little bit scary. Mostly crazy. A wild ride. Not totally comfortable. Very little control. Exhilirating. Holding my getting-big kids tightly to me. Racing. My husband pushing us to get out and live. So very grateful to feel my heart beating in my chest.

What was one such moment for you this summer?

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