First of all, THANK YOU for all the amazing encouragement and support as I launched my new website this week. Whew! So many, many thanks to Katie Gardner for her hard work, vision, and skill as she put a fresh coat of paint on this site. Loved working with her! A new look and some new photos were long overdue, so it’s been very fun to unveil.

And, also very exciting, Breathing Room – my new book, which will be arriving in October — is now available for presale on Amazon. So it’s a big week around here, and I hope you take a moment to check out the write-up on Amazon and pre-order your very own copy!

As Katie and I worked on the new site and the new pictures, something kept making me laugh.

Here’s the full frontal: No matter how slick and fresh a new website looks, there’s A LOT of non-glamour, non-slick, and non-fresh going on behind the scenes at my house. Like, A LOT.

I thought maybe, just maybe, your house might also suffer from some less-than-perfect moments, too.

So here’s the naked truth . . .

I actually look like this, too:


As you well know, I’ve got an ongoing and tumultuous relationship with my puffy eyes, and I’m always in the market for THE CURE. The latest installment is coffee grounds under my eyes. Apparently the caffeine is supposed to help??? Please send backup.

My kids actually do this kind of stuff, too:


Recently, Elle came into the kitchen buck naked saying “Heya go, Mommy. Heya go,” holding out an orange snack bowl full of poop.

“Thanks, honey.”

Don’t worry, the orange snack bowl pictured is not the aforementioned bowl. That one went promptly in the trash, contents and all.

And on Tuesday of this week, I say to Lane: “Lane, it would really help me out if you would get in your seat and buckle your seat belt.”

To which she replies, “Mom, it would really help me out if you’d stop being a jerk.”

“Okay, good tip. Thanks, honey.”

My point here is that life is beautiful and creative and fabulous and breathtaking and also puffy and poopy and full of jerkiness (I was, actually, being a jerk. So we had to talk through our mutual jerkiness, apologize, and then agree to begin again. Ugghhh.)

So, what’s really going on in your household this week? The good, the bad, the ugly.

Let’s be in it together,


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