Isn’t that true? Our belovedness, even more than our brokenness, is what’s most essential to identity. And it’s a very brazen thing to live into our wonder. Speaking of brazen . . .

YOU GUYS. We are TWO weeks away from the release of my new book, Brazen: The Courage to Find the You That’s Been Hiding. And, to celebrate, I want to let you know about a few FREE goodies!

First, my amazing publisher, Revell, had two original coloring pages created to accompany the book. One is bougainvillea-themed and the other is henna-themed, and once you read the book you’ll know why we chose those two motifs. Both pages feature a quote from the book and are just gorgeous. I hope you enjoy some time of reflection and expression as you color them. And if you do, post them on your social feeds with the hashtag #beingbrazen so I can see them! Oooh la la!

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Brazen Coloring Pages

There’s MORE!!

A Thousand Thanks

I also have a thank you gift for all of you who have taken the time to pre-order. Bookstores use pre-order numbers as a metric for how many books to order in, so it’s a real gift to me when you guys pre-order. If you order the book (before April 5), go here and complete the form, and I’d love to send you a signed bookplate that sticks right into the inside of the book. You can also specify who you’d like the bookplate personalized to, so you can give it as a gift if you’d like. Yes, please!

Brazen Two Weeks

Since I’ve been sharing this idea of brazen, which means “without shame,” many of you have told me how timely this message is for you. As I wrote here, I too am learning what it means to lean into this God-given voice of mine and to do that with courage. I cannot wait to keep talking with you about what being brazen is looking like in your life. I can’t wait to share our stories with each other. I hope it looks a bit like this . . .


Love and hot pink,


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