breathe out fear


I’d like to offer a follow on to last week’s post about fear and freedom.


Over the course of the weekend, Steve and I have made a decision about Luke and Lane’s school, and what I want to report is that the school we have chosen is not perfect. That’s the big news.


I have researched, registered for, and prayed over a large handful of schools. And we finally have our decision. AND, the crazy truth is . . . what we’ve chosen isn’t perfect.


I’m kind of laughing about it actually. I prayed for wisdom and clarity, and it has arrived tiny inch by tiny inch, and we have also inched our way into this decision. And, here we are. No fireworks or anything. No major glamour or anything.


But, and I’m going to borrow a line from The Nester here, “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”


Steve and I looked at the entire situation . . . our family’s needs, Luke and Lane’s needs, Elle’s needs, and we are moving forward with a decision, trusting (and asking) that—even though our final decision isn’t perfect—God will show us the beauty of this tender little community where we’ve landed.


Because if I trust the voice of fear, then I will be living out of scarcity, worry, distrust, panic. And if I trust the voice of freedom, then I will be living out of abundance, peace, trust, and breath.


I am reminded of the truth that we cannot take in what we need until we have let go of what is no longer needed. We cannot inhale until we have fully exhaled. So, a great mantra for us all to hold, like a breath prayer, is this:


“Breathe out fear on the exhale. Breathe in freedom on the inhale.”




Is there a situation in your life that you’re responding to in fear instead of freedom?


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