Some days we need to sit down and rest. Some days we need to get up and fight!

“The only easy day was yesterday” is a slogan used in the SEAL teams, one that helps the guys get through their training. A powerful sentiment . . . especially if we are prone to self-pity instead of showing up. Self-pity can be a paralyzing emotion that keeps us from participating in our own lives.

As I consider the next couple of weeks—full of eternal plane rides and lots of change for me personally and our brood collectively—I am meditating on the following: Might this be the time to channel my inner Navy SEAL?

The toxic voices can subtly encourage us to abdicate our roles and responsibilities, convincing us to let someone else—someone who is much more productive or efficient or attractive or articulate or whatever—handle it. We avoid stepping into the fray of life for fear of failure. We let anxiety convince us that we can’t manage difficult things. We choose to numb instead of engage. Soon we begin believing we’re not capable of handling the challenges life brings.

We learn to believe in ourselves again when we face challenges with courage. We will not conquer everything in our path. We may not have perfect abs while going into battle, but we can still fight. We can still push up against life a bit. We can still show up. We can still arise and put on our war paint!

Hey, life, I’m here. I’m not going to let you beat me. I’m not going to drift out to sea. Period. Even if the only easy day was yesterday. Bring. It. On.

And if it all goes to hell (because it will, at some point), I will take a nap or a hot shower and then I will come for you again. I will begin again. I will put the war paint on . . . again. Hear me roar.

Here’s to channeling your inner Navy SEAL. Sometimes in life the only easy day was yesterday. And yet, I believe we can honor ourselves by showing up instead of slinking away.

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