My post, “Channeling Your Inner Navy SEAL,” was met with some interest and enthusiasm and a request to turn the idea into a blog mini-series. I loved the idea.

Here’s the background:

Much of my husband’s job remains a mystery to me, even after almost 10 years of marriage. But what is clear and unwavering is the ethos with which these men approach their job.

In my last post I talked about how the sentiment: “The only easy day was yesterday” has influenced me. Today, I thought I’d share another sentiment that I turn to often.

When you are drawing your weapon for the purposes of clearing a room, a SEAL will tell you, “slow is smooth; smooth is fast.” In other words, if you try to draw your weapon too quickly, chances are, in your attempt to be fast, you’ll fumble or drop or mishandle the thing your very life depends on. But if you can focus on slow, deliberate movements, then your smoothness will translate to getting the job done faster and safer.

Now I have absolutely no occasion to draw a weapon. None whatsoever. But, here’s where this SEAL-ism hits home for me. I can tend to think that frenetic and frenzied and crazy-brained is how I must live to keep up with this world, technology, my schedule, others’ expectations of me, etc. What if approaching life with deliberate calm, a sense of intention, and measured movements would, in the end, yield greater productivity and efficiency?

I tend to be on the more anxious side of things, especially in these seasons of transition and change.

I have a lot of little decisions that need to be made, parts of our lives that need to be figured out, childcare that needs to arranged, meals that need to be planned, friends I need to reconnect with, babies that need attention, a garage that is beyond help. Paperwork completed, doctors called, files organized, clothes sorted, goodwill runs to make, a garden to plant, a room to paint, maybe even a book to write.

It’s easy for me to begin hyperventilating when I think about what needs to get accomplished in order for us to find our rhythm and our way of living here in San Diego. So I’m meditating on the following this week (and as long as it takes, frankly): slow is smooth; smooth is fast.

It will all get done, or it won’t. But one things for sure: it’s hard for me to enjoy my life when I’m nuts.

Perhaps you’re trying to get on with your dreams. Trying to make something happen in you life. Perhaps you’re trying to build something and it’s just not happening in the time you’ve outlined. Perhaps you’re just trying to get the boxes unpacked and a path cleared from your bedroom to the kitchen. I get it. All this can make us hopped-up, darty, and a little shaky. None of which really helps.

So here’s to smooooooooth living this week. You, me, and all of us. Slow is smooth; smooth is fast.

And be sure to tell us how this line intersects with your life right now. Let us know how you’re applying this truth to your current situation.

Love upon love,


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