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Happy Wednesday, my friends!

What a THRILLING week it’s been, launching Brazen out into the world last Tuesday. Feels like we’ve been celebrating ever since! I’ve watched my Instagram feed fill up with so many beautiful hot pink images (#beingbrazen), many of you already sharing your favorite quotes from the book and your stories about what “being brazen” is looking like in your own life. I am overwhelmed by how beautifully you are capturing the heart of this book.

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We’ve hit 100 reviews on Amazon, if you can believe it. It is such a huge support to an author when you leave honest feedback about their work online. It helps other consumers make their decision about what book they might purchase next. And it helps people know what the book is actually about and how it’s actually landing with real readers. So THANK YOU!

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I was absolutely honored to write a guest post — “When It’s Time to be Brazen” — for Ann Voskamp’s beautiful blog, A Holy Experience. In the post, I talk about the soul behind the word “brazen” and how it came to me in the first place. I’d love for you to stop by Ann’s site and read the post and share it if it speaks to you. I was especially appreciative of Ann’s comment at the very end of the post, “I wish I could get this book into the hands of every woman.” WOW. Thank you so very much, Ann! Um, yes please!

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The heart of this book is about returning to the absolute gorgeous gold God put in your soul on the day of creation . . . nurturing that image-bearing center, and learning to live from the God-in-you. We lose track of it, don’t we. I know I do. I settle and silence and deny and allow other voices to drown out my own. Well, now it’s time to go in search of those sacred parts of you and me that may have gone dormant and to awaken the beauty that God has spoken into our very being. I’m with you!!!

All my love,


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