a few phone photos from instagram that capture some of what april has looked like at our house . . .


lanterns are one of my loves. this one is newly acquired and sitting in the middle of our dining room table. beautiful with a candle. the metal and wood are such a unique combination.


also love this lantern. it’s a great example of the local pottery. my mom purchased this for me when she was here for elle’s birth. it’s a treasure. have begun lighting a little tea light in it every night. exotic. romantic.


this is one of lane’s best looks: hair pulled up in two knobs on top of her head with hot pink roses adorning. i truly can’t believe how much she is changing. from a baby to a girl . . . she is a beauty.


had some moments of swirling recently. the howling monkeys were at it again, telling me that there isn’t enough . . . ever. i’m biting back with my pink amore mug. when they start in, i pour myself some coffee (with heavy whipping cream, of course) into the pink amore mug. i’m reminded of love–that i’m actually surrounded by love. the pink amore mug is the small spiritual discipline of tuning out and tuning in.


steve and luke grow more and more in love with each other. this captures it. perfectly.


a dozen or so painted camels have graced bahrain. lots of extra little moments around the island in celebration of formula 1 last week. my favorite, which i couldn’t get a photo of due to location, is painted pepto pink with white wings and a white unicorn horn. amazing. they are all gussied up uniquely. a feast. a gallery exhibit prancing around town.


my view from one of the main intersections in bahrain. loved the vibrancy of the bahrain flags with the grand mosque behind.


a beautiful collection of shells luke has dug up for me. he has such an eye for natural beauty. always has. love that about him and that he can’t help but bring me treasures every time he walks outside.


and, the littlest. smiling without end, these days. love her in this bright yellow. like the sunlight that she is.

how about you? what has your april included? any unique moments of beauty?

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