A virtual scrapbook for you . . . full of love from Bahrain.

IMG_0191Sunset over the Persian Gulf at Amwaj Island.

IMG_0208One of the many stacks of packing paper from our move.

Tankersley Family_0314bwzipBaby belly at the Bahrain Fort on a very windy day. This was when I was still somewhat reasonably pregnant. I am now — at 36 weeks — UNreasonably pregnant. With four weeks still remaining, we may have a 13 pounder on our hands.

IMG_0279 A runner that I am currently obsessed with from our favorite rug shop. We brought it home and then took it back. Terrible idea. Now I feel like something’s missing. Beautiful, right? I’m not usually a “red” person, but I adore this runner for some reason. Has amazing shades of green and turquoise here and there that just work. Perhaps if I birth the  13 pounder, I might get this as a gift for all my efforts! 🙂

IMG_0242I might be sick, but I’m still darling.

Tankersley Family_0089colorpopFlying high with Daddy at the Bahrain Fort.

IMG_0315The orange and pink celebration for my two favorite 3 year olds!

IMG_0318Did I mention that 12 latex balloons filled with helium cost $18.62? Yowza.

IMG_0323Besties Junior.

Tankersley Family_0227bwclassicBesties Senior.

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