Since the stars have aligned and all three of my kids are sleeping simultaneously, I thought I’d tell you a secret. Here it is: beauty can heal you. That’s it.

We are still on the “Tankersley Summer Tour 2012” and our last stop finds us in Michigan with a view out to Dear Lake. Fresh off the splendor of Lake Tahoe and its surroundings, I’m undone by the green green green of both our last stop and our current setting. Un. Done.

If you are hurting today. Or just plain tired. Or stressed. Or sad. Or flat out over it. Go chase some beauty. After the beige of desert living, I’ve found myself in tears more than once on this trip . . . just in awe of the color green. Just in awe of the sunset over the water. Just in awe of time with those I love. Just in awe of the smallest moment that has brought beauty in.

Something I want to remind you of because I have to remind myself just about every other second: Beauty is not glamour. Those are two different things. I’m not talking about glamour here. The secret is not glamour. The secret is beauty. Surprising, un-manufactured, never-glitzy, plain old, majestic beauty.

I needed dose after dose of it . . . more than I realized. Made me wonder if maybe you do too. So, the secret I’m whispering in your ear right now is this: go. find. something. beautiful. and. open. your. eyes. and. breathe. You’re ingesting soul medicine.

With love upon love, Leeana

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