I’m touched by the comments to Tuesday’s post. Some of you are walking the very same journey I am, and it means so much to know you are out there. As I was reading and responding to the comments this morning, I began thinking more about this *love* thing and how radically love has changed my life.

Marriage has been a source of healing love in my life. Even as we stumble and love each other so very poorly some days, Steve makes it a habit to fight for me, believe in me, support me, and know me. Even on the days when I want to scream out terrible expletives in his direction and throw heavy objects across the room and slam doors dramatically, I know that we share something important. Something that continues to heal us both.

Another way that I have been changed by love is through my Growth Group. We meet once a week, and we talk. I know this is really controversial. A group of nine women sitting around talking and calling it “GROWTH.” But I will tell you that this group has meant more to me than just about anything I’ve ever been a part of. I believe that’s because I feel a deep sense of love, acceptance, and belonging in the presence of these women–a love that comes from Christ himself.

I have a few other women, in addition to my group, who have this incredible capacity to love me . . . women who are beautiful and broken and who are sharing their journey with me, every step of the way.

Sometimes we underestimate the power of these radical forces in our lives and we fall into the trap that studying and/or discussing with someone is more important – more holy, even – than listening to them work out their salvation with fear and trembling. How incredibly empowering it is to bring woundedness, brokenness, fear, shame, doubt, indecision, unhealthy behavior and habits etc to another human and be met with love and grace.

This changes people. I’ve seen it. And it has changed me.

Where do you experience belonging? Who is a manifestation of Christ in your life? What scares you about entering into this kind of relationship with people (because it’s not always simply easy breezy)?


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